Battle of the Blocks 2015

What is Battle of the Blocks?
Battle of the Blocks is the summer event of the year at Anthem Highlands!
The community is divided into 5 teams for a week long of
family-fun competition!
The 2015 Battle of the Blocks is July 28-July 30,
with the main event on August 1!
Current standings will be updated each day by 10am.

July 28, 6:30p
Adult Trivia Competition

Current Standings:
1. Team Camo
2. Saints
3. Honey Badgers
4. Coyotes
5. The Chiefs

July 29, 6:30p
Family Pool Relay

Current Standings:
Tied for 1st Place - Team Camo and Saints
Tied for 2nd Place - Coyotes, Chiefs, Honey Badgers

July 30, 6:30p
Volleyball Tournament

Current Standings:

August 1, 11a-5p
Main Event
Click here for the Main Event schedule!


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