Frequently Asked Questions

    • How to report concerns, i.e., neighbors, open space, contractors, provide feedback, etc.?
    • How to retrieve assessment statements?
    • How do I pay for my HOA assessments?
      • Assessments are charged on a quarterly basis on January 1, April 1, July 1, and October 1. There are a couple of different ways to complete the payment, such as: check, credit/debit, and recurring/ACH. More info on the different methods is detailed below:
          • One-time payment on the Alliance Association Bank portal - Click here to visit the portal to complete your one-time payment. Below is the information you need to complete the transaction:
            The Association ID is 801
            Management Company ID 6675
            Property ID is your 6-digit ID marked in your statement

          • Direct debit through your personal bank - Make checks payable to your community association:
            Anthem Highlands Community Association
            c/o CCMC Processing Center
            PO Box 93327
            Las Vegas, NV 89193-3327

          • Pay assessment by check - We have a check scanner available onsite for your convenience. Please feel free to deliver your personal check to the onsite office at 3624 Parkside Center Drive, Broomfield, CO, 80023 alternatively, if you prefer to update the mailing address for payment processing.

            Make checks payable to your community association

            Anthem Highlands Community Association
            c/o CCMC Processing Center
            PO Box 93327
            Las Vegas, NV 89193-3327

          • Direct debit through Alliance Association Bank - Login to your Alliance Association Bank (AAB) portal here and create a new portal account for Alliance Association Bank, and set up a new recurring payment. You will be prompted to "add a property" after creating your user account. You will need the following information to complete this step:
            Management Company ID (6675)
            Association ID (801)
            Property Account Number (listed on your statement, typically 5-6 digits long) 
    • Where to find association/re-Sale documents?
    • How long does the ARC application, info & approval/response turnaround
    • Where do I go to report a missed Waste Management trash/recycling pickup and order additional trash bins?  
      • If there was a missed trash pickup or need to order additional bins aside from the one recycling and one trash bin, don't hesitate to contact Waste Management support at 866-909-4458. 
    • Can I bring guests to the Parkside Community Center?
      • As a homeowner in Anthem Highlands, you have the opportunity to bring up to 5 guests to the Parkside Community Center per visit, per household, per day. The resident must be present with guests at all times while at the PCC. 

        The first guest is free. The following guests are $7 per person.
        Guests must complete a Guest Waiver to use the Parkside Community Center and its offerings (pool, fitness center, gymnasium, etc.). 
        A completed Guest Waiver must be provided by the owner of the home and the guest using the facility. If the child is under 18 years, a parent/guardian signature is required.
        The guest must have a completed guest waiver per the homeowner they are visiting PCC with. One guest can have multiple waivers on file if they have visited the PCC with numerous community homeowners.
        Click here to complete our online guest waiver.
      • Who do I contact if I have issues registering for an event via RecDesk?
        • If you are having issues registering for an event/program via RecDesk, please contact the front desk at 303-665-2693, and a member of our team will be more than happy to assist you. 
      • Who do I contact if I need to troubleshoot my MyAHCA login account?
      • How do I add a person(s) to my household?
      • Why am I not receiving the community e-blast communications?